I am not “crunchy” but I do like eating clean and well when it is offered as an option. I finally had the opportunity to try this place out one day while running errands. I was alone, so I ate at the “bar”. This is not someplace I would pick for going drinking, but I would pick it as a dining location.

I asked the bartender what she had that was sweet, fruity and fun but without alcohol. I was expecting an answer like “peach tea” but I got a whole list of yummy sounding options with inventive ingredients. I ordered the Sparkling Honeydew, and I loved it. It was so light and refreshing on a HOT June day.


I noticed a lot of items I wanted had cilantro or some other ingredient I don’t like. The bartender said almost anything can be customized. I also noticed Truffle Oil, you may already know, white truffle oil is, almost always, a man-made product that has nothing to do with truffles. It also makes me feel sick. ( it does taste yummy) I was surprised to see such a bad thing on True


Foods menu, so I asked if it was the REAL stuff. After a short wait, someone holding the bottle came out to see me. He said it was olive oil that truffles had been soaked in, thus pulling the flavor from the truffle. YES, this was acceptable, yummy, and did not make me feel sick after eating it. This was in the Edamame Dumplings. The broth, at first, tasted a little unpleasant but by the 3rd sip, I loved it! I guess my taste buds just needed time to think about the complex flavors. It was a small dish but that was a good thing, it allowed room for dessert. I ordered the Strawberry & Rhubarb Crisp. This was good, but it was a bit too much rhubarb and not enough of the “crisp”. The ice-cream was vegan, so I assume it was rice-based ice cream, and it tasted a bit like Mochi. Whatever it was, I liked it much better than traditional vanilla ice-cream.


Everyone who waited on me or interacted with me was extremely pleasant. It is like they are paid extra to smile when they talk to you.


I look forward to going back!