Blanc is one of my favorite restaurants because it is not only good, but it is so completely different from anything else in the Fort Myers area. This place is SMALL, be sure to make a reservation, even offseason, just in case. Tip, tell them you are willing to sit at the bar, this will open up more seating. The bar is not a drinking bar but the separation between the cooking area and the dining area. All of the seating options are cramped but that is just part of the “fun” of this European eatery. On my last visit, I got the filet mignon and my boyfriend got a surf ‘n turf special. My portion was very small but priced accordingly. His was more than he could eat and also priced accordingly. Every time we are in, we see the same gentleman with a white ponytail, we assume he is the owner. He takes pride in his restaurant and does not let anything go unnoticed.