We tried this place after previewing some property. It was a particularly hot June day and we were THIRSTY. We were so hot we did not want to eat much but needed to refuel. We sat at the most inside bar seating option, so we could feel the air conditioning yet see outside. The bar was a bit of a mess, not inviting to look at. The bartender was extremely loud and had the most annoying voice. She definitely had favorites that must come in regularly that she would wait on instead of giving us good service. I ordered a mango, lemon tea that was really good. My partner got a draft beer, the beer selection was incredibly bad. We shared a cheese pizza. This pizza had to have been frozen and microwaved, it was terrible! We took most of it home but then decided to throw it out. We also had to fight flies for this horrible pizza.


As we looked around we noticed HUGE spiderwebs covered in dead bugs and dust, hanging from parts of the ceiling. GROSS. This stuff could fall into your food.

We will never be back!