We have been to the market many times and we have had a drink at the bar. This was our first time having dinner together in the restaurant. We came in right about 5:15 on a Monday afternoon at the very tail end of season and we were surprised to see the bar completely full and the restaurant seating filling up, quickly. We were seated right away. Our server was very nice but would disappear for long periods, maybe she had a “pickup table” outside??

I ordered hot tea and was pleasantly surprised with a Mighty Leaf selection with a pot of hot water. Yummy! My partner enjoyed “a very good” Manhattan, straight up. The only disappointment was the cheap maraschino cherry instead of a Luxardo cherry.


My partner ordered the Veal Parmigiana with the in house made, fresh fettuccine pasta and I ordered the Duck special. He was quite happy with his dish and pronounced DeRomo’s one of his favorite Italian spots in SWFL! My duck on the other hand, WOW! I was initially disappointed that the cherry sauce was not much more than a few dark cherries on top but the flavors of whatever they used to cook this HUGE serving of duck were so good I forgot about the cherry sauce. I don’t care for potatoes much, but I could not get enough of these potatoes, again, the flavors in the juice coming off the duck kept me in a blissful state. I am also not a big fan of the kind of vegetables served with this dish, but these were so tasty I ate every bite. Bravo!

The dessert menu was basic items you would find at an Italian restaurant, I was hoping for something much more interesting. I did order the raspberry gelato and it was just the thing to clear my palate after the savory duck. 


The atmosphere inside was pleasant and noise reduction technology was well thought out, so we could hear each other talk over dinner. Although the shopping center remains largely empty and had no men’s shops, we still enjoyed walking around after dinner.


Don’t forget to take home some special items from the market on your way home!

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