I have been here a few times, but this was my first time eating in the main dining room.

We walked in without a reservation and the place was hopping. The hostess said it would be about 30-45 min, so we looked at the bar for 2 open spots with no luck. We told the hostess to go ahead and add us to the list because no spots were available at the bar. She said “uhh, well, yes there are” with a smart mouth tone and face. The hostess was unaware that the 2 “open” spots were being held by people already at the bar. She never smiled, welcomed us or made any attempt to be hospitable. She looked as if she was totally inconvenienced by the customers. When they called for us, again, she was straight-faced and unwelcoming. This was not a good start to our evening…feeling so unwelcome.

I ordered the Octopus and the squid with Miso soup and told the server we wanted it to come all together. First, my sushi came, after a minute or 2, my partner’s order came but not my soup. After that our server disappeared for the remainder of our dinner I wanted to order a drink but I made due with water. We did decide to try the house-made crème brûlée and really liked it. It was the best part of the meal, very interesting flavors, and an ample serving. What we like best was the live piano music.

I am not sure we will be back.

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