In the age of computers, Buyers now have more access than ever to the Real Estate options available. We are also exposed to more images of what we “should” want. I am talking about all of those home improvement and home buying shows on TV. You may even get images of beautiful real estate from Pinterest. For reasons such as these, Buyers are harder to entice than in years past. More than 90% of Buyers will look at listing online before in person. If a listing has “bad” pictures, a Buyer is much more likely to click on to the next listing rather than going to see it. The more Buyers are enticed to visit a property, the more likely it is that the property will sell, sell faster and for more money than if fewer people look at it. For this reason, I use professional photographers for all my listings (unless otherwise decided on with the Seller). This is at my own experience. I understand that those pictures could be the difference in getting the property sold for the best price possible in as little time as possible. I will also work with my seller to maximize the way the home looks in those pictures. Is a pile of bills sitting on the kitchen table? Is the garbage bin overflowing? Little things like this are more important than many people realize.

Examples of “bad” pictures, that I see every day in the MLS is:

• Not all the lights turned on/dark pictures

• The front of the home is in a shadow or it is a cloudy/dark day

• Toilet lids open

• Blurry images

• Pets in the picture could turn off buyers with allergies

• And the list goes on and on…

Have you seen anything so bad you could not believe it was in a professional listing? Tell me about it!


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