We heard that a new pastry chef was now on staff so we stopped in to try desert again. We sat at the bar and was shocked to see, basically, the same desert menu from our last, disappointing, experience. We still ordered. One item we had not tried before and one that we hated from before. We were so pleased! The Woopie pie made from brownie was a bit too dry for our taste but it was good. The cake with raspberries in it was SO much better than last time. Every part of it was better! It is as if whoever made the one from our first experience wanted to get the boot. I look forward to going back for dinner the next time I see they have Halibut or Swordfish on the menu. By the way, our server was extremely pleasant and helpful.


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This was our first time in Izzy’s. The atmosphere was right and fresh feeling but a bit noisy although mostly empty, at the time. Our server was perplexed that I wanted to get the swordfish without the black beans and rice it comes with. I asked if I could get just plain rice and was told no. After nicely pressing a little, he finally talked to the kitchen and I got potatoes. He could not be as perplexed as I am that something simple like white rice or ANYthing, could not be substituted for the black beans and rice. Offering me ANYthing would have been appreciated. I assume he was new. The swordfish was really good, the potatoes were tasteless.


My partner got a lobster roll that we LOVED! Lots of lobster and yummy, yummy. We noticed that the desserts are made in-house by a pastry chef, so we took 2 home to try. We found both quite bad. They would have done better to just order a frozen cake from Sysco. (I hate frozen cake)

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