This is unlike anything currently in SWFL. The atmosphere is bright, inviting and comfortable for a small meal with friends or all on your own. I ordered the Prosciutto & Ricotta Tartine with Fig Jam and Arugula. This was so good, but the bread needed to be slightly toasted to make it stand up to cutting. I also got a hot chocolate and a fancy chocolate desert. The chocolate used in the hot chocolate was of good quality, but I think it was made with water instead of milk. The chocolate desert was perfect! I was going to take a baguette or something from the bakery, home but a line of people formed just as I was getting ready to head home. That is my only negative about this place and why they will lose money. With no table service, patrons do not have an easy way to add items. For instance, most people will not order desert when they order lunch but after eating, they may want something. Now they must get back in line and probably


loose the table they were already using. I ordered mine all at one time and received the desert several minutes before my lunch. This is not optimal in a restaurant with very small tables. I never did order my bread to take home because I did not want to get back in line. This place really needs to rethink having a way for patrons to order and pay from the table. Other than that, I LOVED this place! I am so happy to see it doing so well after such a sort time open.

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